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From 2025 I am considering offering a suite of programs to help people, and leaders of social change initiatives in particular, to live better and to lead better. The programs will be founded on relational trust, which means participants must be prepared to bring their whole and real selves. We slow down so we can listen deeply to ourselves, each other and the environments in which we are living and working. Each program has three elements that combine to create a regenerative experience. 

  1. Reading, typically two seminal books; it's a bit like a book club.

  2. A number of ½ day- full day group sessions; it's a bit like a work group.

  3. A 4 day (3 night) gathering; it's a bit like a few days away with friends.


The programs being designed for 2025 are listed below. The invitation is to join me and others who care about these things; people who are concerned with who we chose to be and how we choose to live. If any of these are of interest, if you have suggestions or questions, or if you know me and have a suggestion for another program, please reach out.

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