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Leading in Organisations

​Management is a different skill to leadership. Management deals with systems and processes where there is a fair degree of predictability, so planning and navigating timelines and circumstances can be done well once we have the necessary technical competencies and experience.


Leadership is about people. We are complex enough as individuals, with our idiosyncrasies, inclinations and biases, let alone emotions and thought patterns, motivations and aspirations. So is it any wonder that when we band together in an organisation it's hard to corral us toward cohesive action. 


There is no magic formula to effective leadership, but there is plenty of wisdom we can tap into, and tools we can use to help us help others to be their best at work.

(Please note that pricing will be confirmed once venue and catering costs are finalised.)


  1. Introductions and story telling (Thurs Feb 20th)​

  2. Retreat (Tues March 18th - Friday March 21st)

    • leading yourself (personality preferences, wellbeing and practices)

    • leading people part 1 (trust pyramid, engagement continuum, clarity questions)

    • leading people part 2 (facilitation)

    • the nature of organisations (integral theory, teal organisations, vocational communities etc)

  3. Leadership Case Clinics 1 (Thurs May 8th)

  4. Leadership Case Clinics 2 (Thurs June 26th)

  5. Leadership Case Clinics 3 (Thurs Aug 7th)

  6. Review (Thurs Sept 4th)

  • Retreat will be over 3 nights. We'll support each other to share opportunities and challenges in our leadership journeys.​ We use a process called a Case Clinic, a tool from the suite of tools associated with Theory U.

  • All sessions will be hosted at The Pines (Barwon Heads - TBC)​

  • Cost: $6500 Includes the books, the sessions through the year (including venue and catering). If your organisation is unable to fund your participation and you wish to pay for the program yourself, please contact me about reduced cost options.

Expression of interest

If you are interested to find out more or register, send me an email.

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