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Newcastle Australia

Living in These Times

There are so many things in our societies that feel like they're broken, pathetically so. Politics, education, energy infrastructure just to name a few biggies. And then there is all the stuff that affects our day to day living; media of all shapes and sizes, far left and right ideologies that demonise, and our own apparent inability to communicate across divides.

We desperately need a way to navigate these multiple crises with hope. Life is intensely beautiful. The wisdom to know how to savour that beauty as we are bombarded with depressing realities can sometimes be elusive. If you feel that intense mix of pleasure and pain, then this is for you. Come and journey with others who care deeply.

(Please note that pricing will be confirmed once venue and catering costs are finalised.)

  1. Introductions and story telling (Wed Feb 19th)​

  2. This One Wild and Precious Life (Wed March 26th)

  3. ​How to Survive the Modern World (Wed May 7th)

  4. Review (Wed June 25th)

  • All sessions will be hosted at The Pines (Barwon Heads - TBC)​

  • Cost: $2000 - private / $3500 - organisation. Includes the books, the sessions through the year (including venue and catering). 

Expression of interest

If you are interested to find out more or register, send me an email.

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