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Waiting for the Waves

Social Purpose Leadership in These Times

We want the world to be better. We know we can use our experience and competencies to make a positive contribution toward that goal. Because we care about making a difference, we use tools like Theories of Change and monitor and evaluate our progress, seeking as best we can to measure our impact.

And we know that 'staying in our lane' and working on our stuff doesn't work. We understand that it's the systems that need transforming, so increasingly we talk about systems change or at least we look at responses that have a systems view.

But what if the forces against us are too strong, that our best efforts to cultivate fairness are analogous to holding back the tide? How then should we live and lead? How do we maintain motivation to keep doing the good work we are called to do? And what would success look like if we stepped outside our bubbles and stopped believing our own rhetoric?

(Please note that pricing will be confirmed once venue and catering costs are finalised.)

  1. Introductions and story telling (Thurs March 13th)​

  2. So Far From Home (Thurs April 10th)

  3. ​How to Survive the Modern World (Thurs May 15th)

  4. Retreat: Leadership Case Clinics - see below (Tues July 1st - Fri July 4th)

  5. Review (Thurs Aug 14th)

  • Retreat will be over 3 nights. We'll support each other to share opportunities and challenges in our leadership journeys.​ We use a process called a Case Clinic, a tool from the suite of tools associated with Theory U.

  • All sessions will be hosted at The Pines (Barwon Heads - TBC)​

  • Cost: $5200 Includes the books, the sessions through the year (including venue and catering). If your organisation is unable to fund your participation and you wish to pay for the program yourself, please contact me about reduced cost options.

Expression of interest

If you are interested to find out more or register, send me an email.

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