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Living with Intention and Purpose

One thing leads to another, the years roll into decades and before we know it we realise that life is not in the future anymore. Our life is what we're living now. Along the way there has been a wonderful kaleidoscope of love, achievement, regret, heartache, celebration and we've navigated as best we could with the values that have formed in us over the years.

Like a house that's undergone multiple renovation and had lean-tos added over the years, there comes a time when it's time to renovate. Not because the 'house' we're living isn't full of beauty and is laden with stories we're proud of, but because life can become cluttered and stepping back to take stock and re-set can offer a clarity and simplicity we crave in our increasingly complex world.

A personal manifesto is a very individual thing. There is no formula for what works generally, but there are some ideas and principles, as well as some wisdom that can guide us to not only articulate what is important to us, but to determine what regular practices we need to cultivate to ensure the gap between how we aspire to live and how we actually live is as small as possible. (Please note that pricing will be confirmed once venue and catering costs are finalised.)

  • Group size of 6-8

  • Books: Monocle's Book of Gentle Living and Integral Life Practice by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard and Marco Morelli.

  • ​We'll meet from 4pm (including dinner) for 4 discussions (dates and timesTBC);​

  1. Introductions and story telling (Wed March 12th)​

  2. Integral Life Practice (Wed April 9th)

  3. ​Monocle Book of Gentle Living (Wed May 14th)

  4. Retreat: Manifesto Case Clinics - see below (Tues July 22nd - Fri July 25th)

  5. Review (Wed Aug 13th)

  • Retreat will be over 3 nights. We'll support each other to share and refine our manifestos and emerging life practices.​ We use a process called a Case Clinic, a tool from the suite of tools associated with Theory U.

  • All sessions will be hosted at The Pines (Barwon Heads - TBC)​

  • Cost: $3000 - private / $5200 - organisation. Includes the books, the sessions through the year (including venue and catering). 

Expression of interest

If you are interested to find out more or register, send me an email.

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